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iTAG8 and F.AGR.i.

We F.AGR.i. Filiera Agricola Italiana Welcome iTAG8, a project forged from a profound commitment to privacy, security, and technological advancement. iTAG8 emerges from a rich legacy rooted in the revolutionary events of 2008-2009, where ONEG8 first began its journey toward reshaping the digital landscape.

Origins and Evolution

In response to the financial crisis, ONEG8 emerged as a decentralized network for digital payments, challenging the dominance of traditional financial institutions. Over the years, ONEG8's philosophy evolved to encompass a broader vision—a vision centered on safeguarding user data and empowering small and medium-sized enterprises while protecting strict privacy rules.

Why iTAG8?

F.AGR.i has selected iTAG8 a subsidiary of ONEG8 International and WorldG8 as its technological partner due to ONEG8s deep-rooted commitment to user privacy and data protection. ONEG8's distinguished track record in data security and empowerment of small businesses aligns perfectly with F.AGR.i.'s mission to foster innovation and protect "MADE IN ITALY" Brands and traditions.

Empowering "MADE IN ITALY"

Together, F.AGR.i and iTAG8- ONEG8 are on a mission to empower Italian businesses and protect their intellectual property in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. By leveraging our expertise and technology, we aim to equip legislators with the tools to navigate globalization and promote local enterprises while we build a large and vibrant community on the ONEG8 Ecosystem to empower consumer and enthusiast to interact with the stakeholders of the project.

Join the Partnership

Experience the synergy of iTAG8 and ONEG8—a collaboration grounded in values, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence. Together, we redefine the future of technology, putting privacy and empowerment at the forefront of digital transformation.


Why iTAG8- ONEG8?

  • Decades of experience in data privacy and security
  • Focus on empowering small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Cutting-edge technology and innovation
  • Commitment to protecting "MADE IN ITALY" heritage
  • Experience iTAG8 with ONEG8: Redefining Technology, Empowering Businesses.
Alignment with Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy

At iTAG8, we are committed to upholding the ideas and guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy (MiSE). Our efforts are dedicated to contributing innovative, user-friendly solutions that protect and promote Italian heritage and craftsmanship.

The Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy (Ministero delle imprese e del made in Italy), commonly referred to as MiSE, is a vital government ministry of the Italian Republic. It plays a crucial role in overseeing production, economic activities, energy and mineral resources, telecommunications, consumers, tourism, internationalization, and business incentives.

Founded in 2006 through the reorganization of the Ministry of Productive Activities, MiSE represents a comprehensive approach to supporting and developing Italian industries. It brings together key sectors under one umbrella, fostering growth, sustainability, and international competitiveness.

At iTAG8, we integrate MiSE's vision into our platform, ensuring that our tools and technologies align with national strategies for promoting and protecting Made in Italy products. By adhering to MiSE's principles, we strive to contribute to the advancement and global recognition of Italy's rich cultural and industrial heritage.

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Empowering Italia: Aligning with Italian Guidelines and EU Directives

At iTAG8, we prioritize Italia's rich heritage and products by strictly adhering to italian guidlines and EU directives. Our platform offers innovative and user-friendly solutions that uphold the principles of quality, authenticity, and sustainability.

The Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy (MiSE) plays a pivotal role in overseeing economic activities, production, and internationalization strategies in Italia. As a digital ecosystem, iTAG8 integrates these principles into our technology, supporting the growth and global recognition of Italian industries.

By aligning with MiSE guidelines and EU directives, iTAG8 enhances transparency and consumer trust, ensuring that Made in Italy products are protected and celebrated in the digital age.

Join us at iTAG8 as we collaborate with industry stakeholders and enthusiasts to champion Italian craftsmanship and promote its global appeal.

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Join us in shaping a future where privacy, security, and innovation thrive hand in hand. Together, we champion the legacy of "MADE IN ITALY" with integrity and resilience.

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