Bari is holder of the World Unesco Heritage Site - trulli houses of Alberobello


Welcome to Apulia, a captivating region in southern Italy known for its whitewashed towns, olive groves, and stunning coastline. Spanning approximately 19,400 square kilometers, Apulia is a land of ancient traditions and Mediterranean charm. Apulians are known for their hospitality and vibrant festivals, celebrating everything from olive harvests to religious events. Explore the trulli houses of Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or unwind on the sandy beaches of Salento. Apulia is Italy's largest olive oil producer and is famous for its orecchiette pasta and fresh seafood dishes. Experience the magic of Apulia, where history, nature, and hospitality create an unforgettable journey.

Mediterranean Charm:

Whitewashed towns and olive groves along the coastline.

Agricultural Diversity:

Grapes, olives, and wheat cultivated across the region.

Tourism Development:

Growing interest in coastal and cultural tourism.

Renewable Energy:

Potential for solar and wind power projects.

Culinary Heritage:

Local dishes like orecchiette and seafood specialties.