Blessed to be enveloped between the aquamarine waters of the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Sea


Welcome to Calabria, the "toe" of Italy's boot, where sun-drenched beaches meet rugged mountains. Covering approximately 15,000 square kilometers, Calabria is a land of contrasts and natural beauty. Calabrians are known for their warm hospitality and strong sense of community. The region's cuisine is a celebration of fresh ingredients, with dishes like 'nduja (spicy sausage spread), swordfish, and citrus fruits playing starring roles. Explore historic towns such as Tropea and Gerace, perched on cliffs overlooking the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, or venture into the rugged Aspromonte National Park for breathtaking vistas and wildlife encounters. Calabria has a rich history, with traces of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations still visible today. The region joined the Kingdom of Italy in 1860 and has since become a popular destination for those seeking authentic Italian experiences. Discover the hidden treasures of Calabria, from its pristine coastline to its mountain villages, and savor the essence of southern Italy.

Coastal Development:

Calabria's scenic coastline supports tourism and real estate development.

Agricultural Diversity:

The region's diverse climate allows for the cultivation of citrus fruits, olives, and bergamot.

Renewable Energy Potential:

Calabria is investing in solar and wind power projects.

Food Processing:

Calabria's food processing industry benefits from its agricultural bounty.

Maritime Industries:

Calabria's ports offer opportunities for logistics and maritime-related businesses.