Advocacy and Government Relations at F.AGR.i.


Advocacy and Government Relations at F.AGR.i.

Welcome to the Advocacy and Government Relations Department of F.AGR.i. (Filiera Agricola Italiana). Our department is dedicated to advocating for policies and regulations that support and promote the interests of Italy's agricultural Industrial sector. Here's an overview of our role and responsibilities:

Our Mission

Policy Advocacy:

Representing the interests of our members and stakeholders in shaping agricultural policies at local, regional, and national levels.

Government Relations:

Building relationships with government officials, policymakers, and regulatory bodies to influence legislative decisions that impact the agricultural industry.

Industry Collaboration:

Collaborating with industry associations, trade organizations, and advocacy groups to advance common goals and priorities.

Public Engagement:

Engaging the public and raising awareness about the importance of agriculture, food security, and sustainable practices.

Key Highlights

  • Policy Development
  • Advocacy Campaigns
  • Government Outreach
  • Issue Monitoring

Policy Development:

Contributing to the development of policies and regulations that support a sustainable and competitive agricultural sector.

Advocacy Campaigns:

Leading advocacy campaigns to promote fair trade practices, environmental stewardship, and rural development.

Government Outreach:

Representing F.AGR.i. in government hearings, consultations, and forums to provide input and recommendations on agricultural policies.

Issue Monitoring:

Monitoring legislative and regulatory developments affecting agriculture and providing timely updates and analysis to our members.

Our Commitment

At the Advocacy and Government Relations Department of F.AGR.i., we are committed to being a strong voice for Italy's agricultural Industrial community. We work tirelessly to ensure that policymakers and government officials understand the needs and challenges facing our industry.

Join us in advocating for a sustainable, resilient, and thriving agricultural sector. Contact our department to learn more about our advocacy efforts and how you can support our mission.

Discover the impact of advocacy and government relations at F.AGR.i.. Join our efforts to shape agricultural policies and promote the interests of Italy's agricultural community. Together, we can build a brighter future for agriculture in Italy. Let your voice be heard with F.AGR.i..